Zalandra Nightblade

Wandering soul.



A lithe looking woman barely into adulthood. Her walk and demeanor suggest she’s no stranger to conflict. An assumption supported by the faded scar over her left eye and forehead. Another can be seen on her right arm and part of her leg, if one happens to see that bit of flesh exposed.(Which is to say extremely rarely).

Her jet black hair is often braided or kept in a pony tail behind her. When free it falls just shy of the small of her back. Her crystal blue eyes radiate serenity. Rarely exhibiting anger or even annoyance. Her wardrobe consists of loose clothing which doesn’t restrict movement Commonly a tunic, leggings, knee high boots and gloves of varying lengths. In some mixture of gray and black with a touch of silver trim.

Over that her black hooded robe(think monks robe) which she keeps drawn around her most of the time, pulled down so only her chin is visible.
When open one can see a belt with an assortment of pouches and other containers, a silver hilt secured by a clasp, two batons on her back and strapped to her left thigh is a sheathed dagger.


Discipline, introspection, duty, meditation, physical training. As far back as her memory stretches its all she can remember. Nothing of her life remains in memory from her time before the order.

Found by the order at a young age, one its members immediately recognized her potential.
As she grew in both understanding and age, she opted for the more difficult path within the order. Choosing to challenge herself, both physically and intellectually.

An unforeseen consequence of her chosen course, she would often see the worst society had to offer when on missions. It molded her personality in unexpected ways, cynicism, dark humor and the cruel realization that one cannot save everyone, nor was it incumbent on her to do so.

Such things only created the foundation. What is built a top it, remains to be seen.

There are two very distinctive parts of Zalandra. When in social settings she’s introverted, preferring to keep to her self. Her demeanor and expressions suggest she’s focusing on something but what few can say and she’s never been fourth coming with an answer. When socially engaged she is pleasant, even laughing at times though her humor is somewhat dark and her general disposition is cynical at best.

In battle she’s ruthless, preferring over whelming force to end conflicts as quickly as possible. Toeing the line between restraint and recklessness. She doesn’t kill if she can help it however when forced to she is detached from it, showing neither remorse nor anger.

She spends at least two hours each day meditating. During her free time she splits her time between practicing sword kata’s and seeking out knowledge in whatever form she can find it.

Zalandra Nightblade

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