Amel LittleFoot

Halfing, Cavalier


Amel is about 2 foot 5 inch tall . weighing in at a big 27 pounds. She has red hair and blue eyes. she wears comfortable clothing and boots. when out doing things she is seen in leather Armor.

She has a Large dog Mastiff /Great Dane type Dog that has a saddle and when out doing things he also has barding much like a war horse might. The Dog is always with her.. if the dog is not welcome in the Tavern she Don’t stay in the tavern. Dogs name is Dragon but , she normally calls him D.




Amel was raised by her Mother in a small village. Her father was a great Caviler and Dead when she was 14 years old , she always wanted to take up where he left off . so she has joined the Ranks of the mighty Order of the paw.

She Enjoys , Working with Animals training and handling them. She has worked extensively at Diplomatic Situations loving the some time underhand ways to get things done.
She works cities a lot of times as a human child To get Information mostly .

When travailing she has learned a lot about nature, and how to survive sometime preferring Camp rather then a tavern or inn.

crafting skill: Calligraphy

Amel LittleFoot

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