character creation rules

stats: roll 4d6 reroll 1's and 2's take top 3 numbers

do this 6 times then place into proper spots

pick a race (use any d20 race you wish as long as i  have some way to see it)

feats: everyone gets a single starting feat at 1rst level.  i do not use the hero point system and the book recommends giving people the extra feat.   you have to qualify for the feat. 

good source

pick a class,  (any d20 book class)

alignment required: any GOOD (this means no 'im true / chaotic nuetral)

please note you get bonuses / penelties for actually playing alignment at st's discrettion

please note: there is an interactive pdf sheet in the Media Library location. please download it and create your character on that sheet (or if you have one you prefer use it)  and then send me a copy of it.

please note: we are using forgotten realms.   forgotten realms has a few little 'extra's at character creation based on the region you pick

Character starting region (download of jpg)

character starting equipment (download of pdf)

character creation rules

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