Game Information

My game is a d20 game.

I use the forgotten realms world with all of its races and people up to 3.5 (i do not use 4.0 or 5.0)

i do not follow the forgotten realms time line.

the core rules for use (spells, character leveling exp and benefits) come from the pathfinder game.

what this means in a nutshell is you can pull a class from any d20 source book, but pulling a techno genius type to but into a fantasy world of swords and magic  might not really fit in.  their are no 'computer data hubs' to hack.   nor are there radios to listen to or internet systems to check search for info. nothing says you cant take a character from babylon 5 and toss it into the game,  but he/she/it wont be flying star fighters or shooting blaster pistols once they run out of ammo in there current weapon. 

races allowed any you can find in a d20 source book (i want to see it. not 'well i have it here in a book') also keep in mind.  if you play an odd race.  You will be treated with accordingly a lot of people in Faerun don't like dwarves and elfs,    you want to play a rat odds are,  they are going to treat you like a rat and try to exterminate your ass. 


Game Information

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